Stephen J.  Robinson Computer Technician

A range of software systems developed by Remtek are readily available and each system is further tailored to the requirements of the client.

The following is a list of just some of the software already developed:

Click Meter    - Meter Reading used on photocopying leasing.

Enquiry/Order Manager - From Enquiry to Delivery BS5750 Processing

EPOS2000   - Electronic Point of Sale, Stock Control and Accounts

FINACCS   - Financial Loans and Accounts

FRS     - Fuel Reconciliation System

Genealogy    - Family Tree and History Records

HandyCapp     - Golf Club Members Records, Competition Processing.

Hydracomms    - Communications system to deep sea probes.

ProLet    - Property Letting and Accounting.

Professional Accounts  - Comprehensive Accounting and Stock System

SCOPSYS    - Stock Control & Order Processing System

Solvets     - Veterinary Practices, Drugs Control, Accounts

Vehicle Maintenance System - Vehicle History and Owner Records, Accounts

Video Library    - Video Membership and trace-ability.

WindowLedger   - Window Manufacturing, Design and Accounting.

Stephen J.  Robinson Computer Technician